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We work closely with doctors and families to design an individual care plan that suits the needs of each residents' specific care. The care plans are extensive and detailed to ensure not only their everyday basic needs are being met, but also any specific needs that arise. We review our care plans with our staff, onsite nurse, families, and doctors to coordinate and facilitate the plan.

  • Long Term Care

  • Dialysis Clinic

  • Retirement Care Facility

  • Diabetic Specialty Care

Retirement Care Facility

Care Facility

Whether you have Retirement or Long-Term care needs, iHome Care can accommodate your unique medical situation. 


Unlike an assisted living, independent living, and memory care...a Retirment Care Facility is a full-service licensed facility, that services, ALL ADULT AGES & ABILITIES, not just elderly. 


Dialysis Care

As the first and only Residential Care Facility in the North West with a licensed in house Dialysis clinic, our residents live on site and dialyze 3 days a week in our hemodialysis clinic.


Our clinic staff manages all of their medications, Appointments, and any ongoing issues that arise.

Dialysis Care
Dialysis Care
Specialized Renal Menus

Renal Menus

Diet plays a big role in the health of our residents. Our Dietician and head Chef take great care in developing a healthy, yet tasty menu, 3 times a day.

Our breakfast, lunch, and dinners are designed for a healthier lifestyle, but that doesn't mean we sacrifice the taste!  


We believe that activities play a major role in the mental health of our residents. Activities not only help in socializing, but also effect their mental health in a positive way.

Residents love to gather, play games, listen to music, and feel young again!

Resident Activities

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Elder Care
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